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Our NEW “Real Look” 3×4 flameless battery timer candles are so realistic of a true flame.  These are flameless candles with LED lights that will burn for upwards of 10 years or 100,000 hours. In addition to getting the same warm glow of our custom soy blend candles you also get the safety and protection of no open flame.  The wick does not move, it stays in place, but it has a special feature in the light mechanism that looks like it’s moving gently…all at a reasonable price less than half the price of a movable flame by luminary.  Also now available in 3×6 size.

When we get them, they are plain white.  I then “wax” them up with color and scent, then dust them up with spices.  This one smells like spicy cinnamon.

Use them outside without having to worry about the wind blowing them out. But be careful, they are made of wax and a hot sun will melt them.

The great part is that they can either be turned on and off manually or easily set to a timer. Just turn it on at whatever time you’d want it to come on, say 6 pm, and it will turn itself off 5 hours later at 11 pm.

They three AAA batteries. Depending on the brand/quality of your batteries, they should come on by themselves for about 6-8 weeks.

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