Briarwood Tin Sconce

Briarwood Tin Sconce
Item Number: S-37
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This Sconce is 10"W x 5"H x 4"D

The finish is very primitive!  Our tinsmith makes it this way to look like a true antique.  If a light has one socket, the maximum wattage is 60 watts.  If it has two or more, you can use to to 40 watts in each socket.  If you love primitives, you will love this light!

The pieces in the New England Collection were created using authentic 19th century New England tinsmithing techniques and period tools to fully capture the individuality and warmth of antique tin.  The handcrafted finish, unique to each item, includes variations in color and even an occasional drip or rust spot.  To retain the beauty of these pieces occasionally wipe with a soft cloth using a small amount of oil such as WD-40. 

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