Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  What is the maximum wattage you can use in your lighting fixtures?
A:  For most lighting with candelabra sockets, you may use 40 watts per socket.  Remember that if you are ordering a 6 arm chandelier, 40 watt bulbs would provide 240 watts - too much for most needs.  If you need that much light, we would suggest installing a dimmer switch to create ambience when you need it.  We suggest 15 watt bulbs with most of our lighting, mostly because it is usually sufficient for most lighting needs and because the bulb is a nice size for our fixtures.  Larger wattage bulbs are larger in size and can sometimes look out of proportion with the light itself.
Q:  What does it mean that a light is UL listed?
A:  UL listing means that Underwriters Laboratories has tested the lighting product for safety.  This is important if you are doing new construction as many townships and municipalities have strict building codes that are enforced with site inspections.  It also is sometimes important for building additions or if you plan to have an electrician install your light.  Having a light that is not UL listed is not unsafe.  All of our crafters use UL approved parts and test their finished product before it is shipped to you.  If you are unsure whether it is important to you, check with your local code compliance.
Q:  How do I choose the right size chandelier?
A:  If you are hanging the light close to the ceiling in the middle of a room and are not suspending it over a table, use this as a guide to choose the right size.

10' x 10' room - use a chandelier 17"-20" wide
12' x 12' room - use a chandelier 21"-27" wide
14' x 14' room - use a chandelier 24"-36" wide
If you are installing a light over a table, a chandelier should have a diameter 12" less than the width of your table. (For example: a 36" wide table should have a light 24" wide or less) Having a light too large for the table means that your dinner guests will be bumping their heads as they stand and having a light too small does not define the space well. The bottom of the chandelier should be about 30" above the table. Too often, chandeliers are hung too high and seem disconnected from the table. For ceilings that are nine feet or more, a two-tier chandelier would work well to fill the space between the ceiling and the table.

Q:  Will you do custom orders?
A:  We are sorry to tell you that we cannot accept special orders.  Many of our lights do offer different finishes or colors allowing you to find just what you are looking for.  And we can easily add additional wire and chain or hooks to accommodate a high ceiling or if you need to swag a light.
Q:  How do I get everything to match?
A:  All of our lighting coordinates with each other.  Just as you can mix wood finishes, you can have lighting that is varied in color.  It is not important to match finishes exactly.  Our switchplates will coordinate with our punched tin lights and our wooden chandeliers will coordinate with our tin hanging lights.  Be creative!  If it is important to you to get a matching finish, all of our lighting is arranged in the category by collection.  For example, all fixtures in the Lancaster Collection are made by the same crafter and will have a similar finish.
Q:  What if I am ordering something as a gift?
A:  We are happy to send out the order to the shipping address of the gift recipient.  Simply let us know that the order is a gift, and we will ship it without the invoice with pricing information and will be happy to include a personalized note on stationery.  Just Contact Us with all the information we need to make your gift giving easy.
Q:  Do you have a printed catalog?
A:  We are sorry to tell you that we do not offer a printed catalog.  Many years ago we did but we have since made the decision to invest our money in our website.  With new products constantly emerging, we can update our website continually to make shopping with us fun and exciting!
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