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Galt 3 Taper Wall Sconce

Galt 3 Taper Wall Sconce

Usually ships within 1-6 weeks depending on the schedule of the crafter.
Item Number:24-707
This sconce is for use with either real taper candles or battery operated tapers.  Our Battery Operated Tapers are great to use if you don't want the danger or smoke of real candles.  Candles, the primary source of artificial light in the 18th century, were made of myrtle wax, beeswax, tallow or spermaceti, dipped or molded around a cotton wick. They smoked, sputtered and were extremely expensive. Today you can enjoy this meticulous copy of an 18th-century sconce with the benefit of refined and affordable 21st-century candles or sputter free battery-powered versions.

Dimensions: 16" x 12" x 3.5"

Material: Iron

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