Medium Franklin Hanging Light Tin Shade with Chisel in Kettle Black

Med. Franklin Hanging Light Shade w/Chisel in KB
Item Number: 880CSHADKB
Availability: Usually ships within 1-6 weeks depending on the schedule of the crafter. Feel free to email to check delivery times.
Replacement shade that fits the Medium Franklin Light, Crestwood and Cambridge Chandeliers. Made in USA.

A great upgrade for an older ceiling fan or bar light you may already have in your home. Just be sure to check your existing fixtures to be sure they will fit!

  • Measures Top: 2.75-Inches, Bottom: 6.5-Inches, Side 5-Inches, Collar: 1.58-Inches diameter
  • Kettle Black Finish
  • Replacement Shade for the Medium Franklin Light (Style No 880CKB); Crestwood Shade Light (Style No 934CKB); Cambridge Chandelier (Style No 9184T); Crestwood Chandelier (Style No 9197T); Crestwood Vanity Light (Style No 9195T); Crestwood Sconce (Style No 9194T)
  • Made in the USA

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