Small Vertical Federal Panel in Blackened Tin

Small Vertical Federal Panel in Blackened Tin
Item Number: 862BT
Availability: Usually ships within 1-6 weeks depending on the schedule of the crafter. Feel free to email to check delivery times.
Lovingly pierced with designs that recall the beauty and warmth of country life, our panels are the ideal way to enhance cabinet doors throughout your home. Use our panels to create a country mood in your kitchen, den or family room; the possibilities are endless. Also are great for furniture projects.

Vertical Federal Panel design; Blackened Tin finish. Handcrafted in Pennsylvania.

  • Measures 13.75-Inches high and 7.25-Inches wide
  • Add primitive style to your kitchen cabinets or furniture piece
  • Punch pattern may be placed towards the inside of the cabinet for a traditional look; Turn the punch pattern around for a rough primitive appearance
  • Made in the USA
  • Blackened Tin – Irvin’s Blackened Tin finish is an oxidized darkened tin finish that resembles the lead of a pencil with no lacquer coating applied. This finish will continue to age and darken unevenly over time.  Blackened Tin has outward punching for an old antique feeling to the finished product.

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