Star Vine Lampshade - 12"

Star Vine Lampshade - 12"
Item Number: 307-77
Availability: Usually ships within 1-6 weeks depending on the schedule of the crafter. Feel free to email to check delivery times.
Our lampshades are crafted using 100% cotton fabric over an opaque backing, hand trimmed and sewn. The 10" shades have either a standard bulb clip or socket ring. The 12" and 14" shades have a washer fitting to use with a harp and finial. Individually clear-wrapped.
Pattern: Stars
Dimensions: 12"
Material: Cotton Embroidery
12" Shade measurements are 12" Diameter (across bottom) x 8-1/2" Tall x 6" Diameter (across top). 12" shade has a washer style top that allows for use with a harp and finial style lamp.

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