Collection: Black Crow Candles

Our collection of Black Crow Candles includes 8 ounce and 16 ounce jar candles, wax tarts, and room sprays. These primitive candle jars are hand coated, antiqued, and then poured with your favorite scents. Black Crow candles are clean burning and have an incredible scent throw. The candle will not tunnel down the center of the jar. Many of our customers buy the wax tarts in many different scents to try and when they find some they love they purchase a jar candle in those scents.

Each black crow candle is in a plain brown coated jar with a simple label of the name of the fragrance. The Brown Sugar features a crow and does not have the name of the scent on the jar.

The Christmas Thyme is an amazing balsam scent that is our number one at Christmas. But it smells so fresh and clean any time of year!

The room sprays are great to freshen up a bathroom or kitchen but also can be sprayed onto potpourri to keep that scent for longer.

Black Crow Candles