Collection: Primitive Tin and Wood Window Lights

Most of our primitive tin window lights are made in the USA with a primitive, antique tin finish. Our wood charming lights are perfect for narrow windowsills and include a silicone bulb. A light in the window was a symbol of safety in the Underground Railroad. 

Today, from the outside looking in, a warm glow at each window of your home represents hospitality and friendship. Window lights are very popular in Colonial Williamsburg and other early settlements. 
Many people use our welcome lights, also known as window candles, throughout the holidays. However, in Lancaster County, the tradition has become to keep them throughout the year to have a nightlight in each room to light the way.
Our Mini Bulb is a bestseller and is always on special - buy 9, get 1 free.  This terrific product is a 10 watt/230 volt "mini" bulb. On a 110 volt house current, this bulb glows yellow, remains cool to the touch and uses minimal electricity (approximately 2 1/2 watts) so feel free to leave them on all the time.

Primitive Tin and Wood Window Lights