Collection: Punched Tin Panels

Our collection of punched tin panels are all handcrafted in Pennsylvania. The tin punching pattern may be placed towards the inside of the cabinet for a traditional look or turn the punch pattern towards the outside for a rough, primitive appearance.

In colonial times, punched tin panels were used on pie safes and cupboards to keep the air flowing in to cool fresh baked breads, pastries and desserts while keeping the bugs away from the delicious food.
These days, these punched tin panels will provide a lovely accent in any piece of furniture, especially a pie safe. Maybe you have an antique that is missing some panels or maybe you dabble in furniture making. Either way, these punched tin panels are perfect to complete the job!  

All the tin panels are 22 gauge and some are offered in different finishes. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer custom sizes.

Punched tin panel displayed in a burgundy cupboard with candle and artificial greenery on top