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Mini Bulb

Mini Bulb


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This 10 watt/230 volt bulb is our most popular bulb for our Window Lights. It glows yellow, remains cool to the touch and on a 110 volt house current it uses minimal electricity (about 2 1/2 watts). You can feel confident to leave these burning 24/7 in your window lights but they will work also if you have sensors.
Trust us, the picture does not do this bulb justice. It really is the best choice to replicate natural candle light and is our best selling bulb with customers ordering this bulb from all over the United States. A rare find!
The mini bulb is very long lasting. We are unsure of the actual hours of usage because that information is not supplied on the box, but we can tell you that they can last years! They will go bright and burn out quickly thereafter if they get bumped so here's a tip - nail down your window lights directly to your window sill so they do not fall over due to doggie tails and children!

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